Providing Care... When You're Not There™


You do what for a living?You do what for a living?

I've had cats as pets all my life. I would have never thought back in 2007 that Kitten Sittin' would be the highly successful Cat Sitting Business and Franchise that it is today.  It started when Princess wandered into my backyard in 1999 and I gave her a little taste of tuna. Cats and tuna, I should have seen it coming. Every year my business grew. Once cat lovers found out that there is a pet sitting service that is exclusively for cats, they needed to hire us.

I am happy to be able to offer the opportunity for others to share in the same success and fulfillment that I have experienced! I look forward to helping people to fulfill their dreams of owning their own business while doing something they love with the animals they love.

When the owner’s away the cats will play – especially with Kitten Sittin’ on the job!

*When surveyed, 9 out of 10 cats clearly indicated they prefer staying at home during their owner’s absence. Kitten Sittin’ provides in-home cat-sitting services that make your time away worry-free, stress-free and cage-free.

When the owner’s away the cat’s OKAY – especially with Kitten Sittin’ on the job!


We will provide your feline with a professional cat sitter who is highly trained and who really knows what your kitty needs – love and attention.  All sitters are background checked, insured and bonded. We also assign a back-up sitter just in case anything comes up – we will have your paws covered!


Kitten Sittin’ is designed for your convenience.  We have online reservations 24/7/365 availability.  In addition to the Kitten Sittin’ Daily Diary, we can provide text/phone updates on your pet during your absence.  All types of payments are accepted: credit card, PayPal, cash, or personal checks.  We enforce an excellent security program for your house key and alarm system.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We assure your satisfaction and will make it right if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Find a Cat Sitter in your area to schedule an In-Home Consultation! Just call, email or submit an online request for service.