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Pat's Cat's Corner

Kitten Sittin’ knows how to get me out of this thing!Kitten Sittin’ knows how to get me out of this thing!

Feline-related tips, info and pawsitive stories

This feature is written by my cats – a cat’s perspective on living with a cat.  This should be good!!!  Go O’Shea kitties…

Living with a Counter Cat - Bumper Cat

I’m a lot of cat!  My Mom calls me a shoulder cat, lap cat, tripper cat, and a counter cat.  Today I’ll be talking about being a COUNTER cat.  I have Mom trained to feed me up there and allow me to lie about on the counter if I want to.  I think if all 3 of us were counter cats, some things would change.  Here are a few ideas to keep cats like me off the counter... Read more

Published: 08/29/21

SMOKEY – Going to the Vet Made Easy

I am not a small dog.  I am in a class all my own and should be treated that way.  So why do you take me to the veterinarian fewer times than you would a dog?  Yes, Mom, I’m talking to you.  This puts me at risk for serious disease because I am designed to hide illness from you until it is almost too late. August 22nd is TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET DAY!  There&rsquo... Read more

Published: 08/17/21

BLACK BEAUTY – How to Make a Scared Cat Feel Safe in Your Home

Mom wants me to write this Pat’s Cat’s Corner because I am the only scared cat in the family.  So, this is how to keep me happy when young children or visitors come to my house.  I am writing this from under the bed.
First, do not think a declawed cat (oh my God!) is safer to have around children.  A declawed cat (oh my God!) is much less secure in their own abilities to... Read more

Published: 06/29/21

What Shelter Cat to Pick?

Since this month is Adopt-a-Cat Month, we thought it wise to help you decide which cat is for you.  I, Black Beauty cat, found a wonderful article online that pretty much covers every question you might ask about choosing the right feline.  Mom limits us to how much space we can use so please go online and read it through. Read more

Published: 05/31/21

Be Prepared to Save Us

We found out that May 8th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day – that’s a lot of words.  We live in Florida so Mom is always hurricane ready. She has a sturdy plastic storage container with a lid with the following:Bumper – Food: a two-week supply for each cat.  Water: a two-week supply for each cat.Smokey – Litter Box & Litter:  Get a sm... Read more

Published: 04/27/21

Help Us with Hairballs, Please!!

April 30th is National Hairball Awareness Day.  We are aware of hairballs all year long.  Mom really doesn’t like to step into a slimy pile of regurgitated cat hair first thing in the morning.  But more important, hairballs wreak havoc on our digestive system, causing vomiting, diarrhea or constipation and, in severe cases, bowel obstruction.  If your cat hacks up hair wit... Read more

Published: 04/14/21

How to R-E-S-P-E-C-T Us Cats!!

When Mom told us that there was a day set aside this month to honor us (Respect Your Cat Day – March 28th).  We couldn’t believe it.  “Only one day?”, we said.  We are going to help everyone by letting you know exactly how to RESPECT your cat.  Overall, respect our quirks and embrace them all as part of our charm.
Black Beauty went online and found out s... Read more

Published: 02/28/21

SMOKEY – Boredom Busters for Us Indoor Cats

My fellow cats and I live indoors.  This can be boring at times since we are designed to live outside.  Outside we would have dozens of opportunities to hunt – not so much inside.  We’ve asked Mom many times to buy some mice for us to catch.  She didn’t think that was such a good idea.  There are two ways of putting our incredible senses to use and exercis... Read more

Published: 01/31/21

SMOKEY – Do You Have a Cat that Sprays?

Since January is Walk You Pet Month – this is the purrfect topic for this month’s Pat’s Cat’s Corner.
I don’t have much to say except Mom chose me to write the Corner because I’m a sprayer.  Yes, I’m fixed and yes, I often use the litter box.  Spraying has nothing to do with either of those two things. 
I started out as an outside cat and I... Read more

Published: 12/30/20

THE WHOLE GANG – Do You Have a Lap Cat?

Mom has 2 lap cat cuddlees – lucky her!  Some cats just don’t seem to be lap cats.  It can happen for several reasons, how we were socialized as kittens or how we are handled by different individuals.  If you hold us in such a way that we feel confined or restrained, we’re not going to be a happy, cuddly cat.
BB - Do you want to know how you can approach us and eas... Read more

Published: 11/30/20