Providing Care... When You're Not There™

Be Prepared to Save Us

We found out that May 8th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day – that’s a lot of words.  We live in Florida so Mom is always hurricane ready. 

She has a sturdy plastic storage container with a lid with the following:

Bumper – Food: a two-week supply for each cat.  Water: a two-week supply for each cat.

Smokey – Litter Box & Litter:  Get a smaller, open-style box, or the disposable cardboard boxes.  Include a scoop and small plastic bags to dispose of the waste.

Black Beauty – spare collar or harness with ID tags / towels and blankets / paperwork for proof of vaccinations. Two-week supply of medications and of course a carrier.

Mom assured us that she has everything ready to go and she regularly checks everything for expired items.  We asked her what other options we had since we don’t like carriers and we don’t like being in a strange place in a carrier.  She said the other option was for the three of us and her to sit in the bathtub till it blew over.  We prefer that option!