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BLACK BEAUTY – How to Make a Scared Cat Feel Safe in Your Home

Mom wants me to write this Pat’s Cat’s Corner because I am the only scared cat in the family.  So, this is how to keep me happy when young children or visitors come to my house.  I am writing this from under the bed.

First, do not think a declawed cat (oh my God!) is safer to have around children.  A declawed cat (oh my God!) is much less secure in their own abilities to escape and might be more likely to bite.  So please do not declaw (oh my God!) your cat because you’re having a baby or young child coming into your home.

Second, little children frequently hurt me simply because they do not realize what constitutes pain or distress to me and my fellow felines.  For example, drums, cap pistols, cymbals can really cause damage to my sensitive hearing – OUCH!

Third, when you have a friend, relative or worker come into your home – give them the rules up front:

Okay, that wasn’t so bad.  I think I did a pretty good job being the youngest member of this family!  I know a lot about being scared.  MEOW!