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Do You Have a Lap Cat?

Mom has 3 lap cat cuddlees – lucky her!  Some cats just don’t seem to be lap cats.  It can happen for a number of reasons, how we were socialized as kittens or how we are handled by different individuals.  If you hold us in such a way that we feel confined or restrained, we’re not going to be a happy, cuddly cat.

HOMEY - Sometimes you just have bad timing.  We might be asking you to play with us, not cuddle.  If given a choice of being able to get down from your lap or out from your embrace, we will be more likely to want to engage in that interaction again.  It’s all about choice – our choice not yours.

BB - Do you want to know how you can approach us and ease us into cuddling?  Use feline manners, and let us come to you.  You can extend your index finger out and give us the opportunity to approach to sniff it.  If we want more interaction, then we’ll advance toward you or do some cheek-rubbing against your finger.  You may then reach out and pet us.  If, however, we back away or just stand still after sniffing your finger, then we’re not ready for more interaction.  The bottom line: always let us set the pace.

SMOKEY - As you all know with previous Pat’s Cat’s Corners – the key to doing almost anything with us is gradual.  Why should this be any different.

Okay, for those of you who are wondering, Mom did help us with some of the big words but the ideas were all ours.  Now excuse us while we go and watch Criminal Minds on our Mom’s lap!