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HOMEY – An Adoption Success Story

I am the only “commercial” rescued family member.  Black Beauty wandered into the backyard.  Smokey was abandoned by the neighbors.  I was adopted from the Humane Society.  These next two months are months of giving food, gifts, time, but what about CATS?  I am lucky to live in a multi-cat household.  I am surrounded by my own kind.  We communicate all the time and Mom doesn’t even know it – hee, hee…

Switzerland passed an anti-cruelty law requiring people who buy or adopt cats to acquire two instead of one since it’s the nature of an animal to have company of their own kind.  I agree with Switzerland, whoever that is, for the following reasons:

So, for those of you who have one cat, think about getting another one (or two) as a Holiday

Present to yourself.  There are many wonderful rescues in Tampa and don’t forget The Pet Resource Center (formally Animal Services) – the last stop for a lot of my kind.  Remember that cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one! – Homey Cat