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How to R-E-S-P-E-C-T Us Cats!!

When Mom told us that there was a day set aside this month to honor us (Respect Your Cat Day – March 28th).  We couldn’t believe it.  “Only one day?”, we said.  We are going to help everyone by letting you know exactly how to RESPECT your cat.  Overall, respect our quirks and embrace them all as part of our charm.

Black Beauty went online and found out some interesting facts about this day.  Respect Your Cat Day started in 1384 in England, when King Richard II issued an edict forbidding the consumption of cats.  What??? We think she read that wrong – but no matter here are some ways to respect us:

Smokey:  Mom’s a vegetarian however, she feeds us animal products because our digestive system is designed to eat meat, not plants.

Black Beauty:  I love to stalk, hunt, and finally pounce.  Mom won’t let us bring any real mice or birds into the house.  She does however have some great toys that do the same thing and besides, what do we know.  We stalk, hunt, and finally pounce on them.  Mom rewards us with treats!

Bumper Cat: Don’t take it personally that we don’t behave like dogs.  We are independent spirits and like to do things our own way and enjoy our solitude.

NOTE:  I always proofread my cat’s writings.  I found this topic a little silly since cat people respect their cats 365 days a year – what choice do we have?