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Living with a Counter Cat - Bumper Cat

I’m a lot of cat!  My Mom calls me a shoulder cat, lap cat, tripper cat, and a counter cat.  Today I’ll be talking about being a COUNTER cat.  I have Mom trained to feed me up there and allow me to lie about on the counter if I want to.  I think if all 3 of us were counter cats, some things would change.  Here are a few ideas to keep cats like me off the counter. 

First, you should know that cats have a number of reasons for counter surfing – food being the strongest motivator than comes networking (counters are the perfect height for this) and finally they provide a safe haven from other animals in the house.  My motivation is food.

People think that all cats are climbers but they are not.  There are basically two types of cats – climbers and burrowers.  Black Beauty was a definite burrower.  She was usually on the bottom shelf of the cat tree.  I, on the other hand, climb all the way to the top shelf.  Smokey’s a little too fat to be much of a climber but he manages to get on the back of the sofa and onto the futon.

So how can Mom keep me off the counter? 

That’s it for now from Mom’s favorite cat (mew, mew, mew) Bumper! (Don't tell Black Beauty I said that.)