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SMOKEY – Addicted to Catnip

Mom watches TV shows about purebred cats.  None of us watch it with her.   We are all rescue cats and quite frankly have no interest.  One of the shows featured the Russian Blue cat.  After watching the segment, Mom was convinced that I was part, if not all, Russian Blue.  She’s thrilled and I really don’t care.  However, it has raised my ranking within the hierarchy and because of this, Mom let me do this month’s Pat’s Cat’s Corner!

Another reason I might have been chosen to write this month’s article is that it is about catnip and I think I’m addicted to catnip.  Please hear me out, even though I’m an addict, I have some good information about the drug… I mean catnip.

Depending on the individual cat, catnip given in moderation can be fun and a safe diversion for us.  You should know that nepetalactone, the active chemical in catnip, affects us differently.  I become playful after smelling it and rolling around in it.  Male cats sometimes become aggressive.  So, test your male cat’s response before unleashing him onto the resident cats.

Age and heredity all play a part.  About 30 percent of adult cats have no response to catnip.  Unfortunately, I do not fall into this category, nor do any of my roommates.

Mom sprinkles it on all our scratching posts.  We like that.  She also had some fresh catnip that she planted in a container outside.  Within one day, someone removed it from the container.  It didn’t even get a chance to take root or for her to bring any into the house for us to try.  I think I know who ate it!

The effects of catnip only last for 10 to 15 minutes (darn).  We don’t experience hangovers from catnip, and we don’t become addicts – yeah right!