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SMOKEY – Boredom Busters for Us Indoor Cats

My fellow cats and I live indoors.  This can be boring at times since we are designed to live outside.  Outside we would have dozens of opportunities to hunt – not so much inside.  We’ve asked Mom many times to buy some mice for us to catch.  She didn’t think that was such a good idea.  There are two ways of putting our incredible senses to use and exercise our flexible bodies – interactive and solo play.

Interactive play involves the use of a toy, with Mom at the end of it.  Solo play involves toys and other activities that we control.

Mom found a great book that has 40 whisker-twitching games and adventures for us.  Boredom Busters for Cats by Nikki Moustaki.  We are commonly misconceived as the household pet that needs little attention. In reality, we require the same sort of mental and physical stimulation as any other pet in order to be healthy, happy, and more importantly, non-destructive in the house.  Tell your cats that Pat’s cats recommended this book – we want credit!