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SMOKEY – Do You Have a Cat that Sprays?

Since January is Walk You Pet Month – this is the purrfect topic for this month’s Pat’s Cat’s Corner.

I don’t have much to say except Mom chose me to write the Corner because I’m a sprayer.  Yes, I’m fixed and yes, I often use the litter box.  Spraying has nothing to do with either of those two things. 

I started out as an outside cat and I never got over the act of marking my territory.  Mom’s good about not yelling at me.  If she sees me backing into the sofa, she will say NO and clap her hands.  That usually stops me from continuing.  But the best thing she does is put on my harness and leash and let me walk all around the yard. 

You see I mostly spray because I see other cats in “my yard” and I need to let them know that it’s “my yard”.  I am not too good at distinguishing between the outside and inside so when I spray inside, I’m thinking it’s keeping the outside cats at bay.  So, by letting me walk around the yard and spray the azalea bushes and more, I get it out of my system and as Mom says, I get rid of a lot of pee.  I hope that helps.  By the way, she does not hold on to the leash much.  It is just dragging behind me so she can step on it should I decide to cross the street and visit the neighbors.