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What Shelter Cat to Pick?

Since this month is Adopt-a-Cat Month, we thought it wise to help you decide which cat is for you.  I, Black Beauty cat, found a wonderful article online that pretty much covers every question you might ask about choosing the right feline.  Mom limits us to how much space we can use so please go online and read it through. 

Homey – I was adopted from the Humane Society at the Tampa Home Show – hence my name.  I was very lucky that Mom picked me but extremely lucky that she kept me.  Many cats are adopted and then returned to the shelter for litterbox or scratching issues.  Please read the article.

Smokey – I agree with both my fellow felines (which is rare) about reading the article.  It’s less traumatic on the cat not to be adopted than to be adopted and returned.  One last cat comment, if you are afraid your cat will destroy your leather sofa, so you plan on getting him de-clawed, GET A DOG!