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If there’s something I know about, it’s how to lay out!If there’s something I know about, it’s how to lay out!

Isn’t it time you profit as a cat sitter?

Separate yourself from the Hobbyist Pet Sitters.  With reasonable overhead and a low startup cost for a business, Kitten Sittin’ has a strong potential ROI for a franchise owner. A Professional Pet Sitting eminence is what you are buying. Cat lovers won’t be getting the teenager down the street. Your investment in the Kitten Sittin’ Franchise will give clients peace of mind when hiring you.  We of course can not guarantee any success or levels of profitability, but, a franchisee can be much less effective than we have projected and still have a successful business.

With a caring concern for the cat’s well-being and overall feelings, Kitten Sittin’ meets these high standards and is certainly adaptable nationally.

The items below will be required to start and run a successful Kitten Sittin’ Franchise.

Franchise Advertising Costs $1,000 $2,000
Insurance $300 $550
Office Expenses $100 $150
Licenses & Permits $40 $60
Dues & Subscriptions $140 $160
Attorney & Account Fees $500 $1,000
Training (airfare, hotels, meals) $750 $1,500
Franchise Fee $4,000 $4,000
TOTAL WITH FRANCHISE COSTS $6,830 $8,125 $9,420

Become a Professional Cat Pet Sitter. Kitten Sittin’ can show you how.

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