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Why Kitten Sittin'

I love being my own boss!I Love being my own boss!

Kitten Sittin’ is a cat sitting service based in Tampa, Florida started by Patricia O’Shea. The Kitten Sittin’ model is based on a love of felines, which allows cat owners to feel comfortable knowing that their furry friends are in good hands. With a growing demand for pet services, especially in major markets like Tampa, the founder of Kitten Sittin’ recognized an opportunity in this marketplace and beyond.

Cash in on your cat savvy, today!

Top 10 Reasons To Buy the Kitten Sittin’ Franchise

  1. Babysitting cats – the purrfect job! Unlike dogs, you don’t have to walk a cat!
  2. Being a Pet Sitting Service exclusively for cats sets Kitten Sittin’ apart from the many pet sitting companies out there. When cat owners see that our service is designed to care solely for cats, they have to have Kitten Sittin’.
  3. Your love of cats becomes your job and income. Payment is received either before the sit or at the first visit. No need to deal with accounting forms and billing issues.
  4. A low franchise purchase price of $4,000 & low startup costs. You don’t need outside office space, expensive equipment or a fleet of vehicles to be successful.
  5. Never started a business before?  This is a Packaged Deal – ready to go.  You spend your time building your client base not creating a pet sitting business.
  6. Low tech or high tech this venture can be a success either way.
  7. Excellent support about the business and cat knowledge - Owner has cared for over 800 cats and performed about 12,000 cat sits since the business began.
  8. You will also benefit from a strong support system and a network of other franchisees to discuss and share experiences.
  9. Watching cats, how hard can it be?  That’s the easy part.  Creating and operating a successful Professional Cat Sitting Service, that’s the hard part.  I’ve already done the hard part for you.
  10. BEST JOB EVER – you don’t have to get up at a certain time every day and when you get to your job, your clients are happy to see you! No need to come up with conversation around the water cooler only around the water dish. Your clients don’t talk to you, they only purr!

Find out what Your Role would be with a Kitten Sittin' Franchise.

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