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A New Year Begins to Enjoy Your Cat!

JANUARY is Walk Your Pet Month – Sure most of the articles online talk about walking a dog but you can get some good ideas for walking a cat as well.  Just type in walking a cat on a leash and let Mittens read the articles with you so you’ll get his opinion as well.

JANUARY 2nd – Pet Travel Safety Day. -  This is an excellent article about travelling with your pet and not just to the vet.  Read through it and see what ideas you get about taking Fluffy with you to visit Aunt Susan.

JANUARY 22ndAnswer Your Cat’s Questions Day. So, uh, how do you celebrate this day? Don’t worry! came up with some questions your cat may be asking you: Why do you get so upset when I pee on the carpet? (Especially when YOU forget to change my litter box, put in weird litter, or stick the box in a cold, dark basement.) Why do you yell at me when I scratch the new sofa? (What else am I supposed to scratch on? Get me a real, solid scratching post, and I’ll leave that sofa alone.)  These answers and many more…

JANUARY 24th is Change a Pet’s Life Day!  Not only is changing a pet’s life easy to do, it’s an act that will give back a hundredfold. This special day was created to encourage pet adoption and to spread awareness about animal welfare. Hundreds of shelters across the U.S. participate by offering reduced adoption rates and there are many ways you can celebrate! And you’ll not only change a pet’s life, but your life may change forever as well.

Don’t wait until January 24th, check out your favorite Cat Adoption Shelter for any events they are sponsoring in January.  After the holidays are over, the “pick a cat” gift trees are down, people tend to forget there are still a lot of wonderful cats waiting in a shelter to be adopted.  Do not forget the Senior cats!