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April – Cats Are a Great Distraction from Paying Taxes!

The entire month of April is dedicated to The Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month (ASPCA) & National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April 1st – Easter Sunday but forget the Easter Bunny – change things up with the Easter Cat.  He may prefer napping than delivering candy and eggs but who needs more candy. 

April 18th – Pet Owners Independence Day – Cat lovers know that even this day is about celebrating the divine feline.  Spend some time today appreciating that your cat graciously allows you to be a cat parent.

April 28th – National Hairball Awareness Day – So why be aware of hairballs, if you already aren’t?  Click on Pat’s Cat’s Corner for more information told from my cat’s point of view.

April 30th – National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day – Thinking about adopting another kitty?  Put your thoughts into action today.  Try to get a friend to adopt as well.  Do not forget those incredible Senior cats at the shelter.  They are the best cats ever but never seem to get adopted.