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April – Cats Are a Great Distraction from the Virus!

The entire month of April is dedicated to The Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month (ASPCA) & National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April 11th – April 17th Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week – This week of appreciation is designed to give recognition to the hard-working men and women of Animal Care and Control who risk their lives and devote huge amounts of personal time and resources, while they serve the public like other public safety and law enforcement agencies empowered with the same duties.

April 18th – Pet Owners Independence Day – Cat lovers know that even this day is about celebrating the divine feline.  Spend some time today appreciating that your cat graciously allows you to be a cat parent.

April 30th – National Hairball Awareness Day – So why be aware of hairballs, if you already are not?  Click on Pat’s Cat’s Corner for more information told from my cat’s point of view.

April 30th – National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day – Thinking about adopting another kitty?  Put your thoughts into action today.  Try to get a friend to adopt as well.  Do not forget those incredible Senior cats at the shelter.  They are the best cats ever but never seem to get adopted.