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October Lots of Cat Celebrations and Halloween

National Animal Safety and Protection Month National – by PALS

Its mission is to observe and promote the appropriate ways to protect and care for domestic and wild animals and help people strengthen their skills for staying safe around animals. It is important that anyone who owns an animal keeps their cats' health up to date and that his or her surroundings are in a safe environment.

Take October 12th – it’s National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. I don’t think they even have a National Human Obesity Awareness Day so our cats are really special.  So stop saying that Fluffy is just big-boned.  According to statistics, it is estimated that 58% of cats in the U.S. are overweight.

Some of us have them in our backyards.  Some of us feed them.  Some of us DON’T get them fixed.  October 16th is Feral Cat Day.  With help from local cat rescues and Alley Cat Allies, you can educate your community about feral cats and trap-neuter-return (TNR).  Alley Cat Allies website is full of so many useful tools.  Check out what tools might work for your community at

What???? I can’t believe everyday isn’t National Cat Day but evidently this year only October 29th has been set aside.  Cats of course believe every day is National Cat Day.  That is why we love them so much – for their opinions!