Providing Care... When You're Not There™

Kitten Sittin' Services

I love the flexibility!I Love the flexibility!

Our committed goal is your cat's well-being which will be taken care of first and foremost. Kitten Sittin’ provides a comprehensive and detail-oriented service which will minimize the stress on your cat(s) by making sure that we stay as close to your cats’ routine as possible. Every cat receives equal time and treatment.

Let your cat(s) stay in the comfort of their own surroundings while you are away. Daily or every other day visits (depending on the cats) are available. We provide your pet with their customized routine that includes: feeding, cleaning, playing, etc. If your pet requires medication or a special diet, these services will be provided as well. We are also experienced with other types of creatures including, fish, reptiles, birds, and other small animals. We are still an exclusive cat sitting service so we do NOT care for any small dogs.

We all know cats love attention. But they also thrive on daily exercise. During our visits we use interactive toys, such as lasers, toy mice and birds on strings to entice your kitties natural prey moves and get them up and moving!

Every client receives a Kitten Sittin’ Daily Diary that summarizes each day’s visit. Each independently owned franchise sets their own prices, so please contact your local Kitten Sittin’ for pricing specifics.

In Home Cat Care Consultation

For first-time clients, we require an In-Home Consultation, which lasts about 30 – 45 minutes. This free Consultation takes place in your home… with your cat(s) present. Together, with the Kitten Sittin’ Associate (who will be your cat’s primary caregiver), we will discuss the daily needs and requirements of you furry feline.

Our Standard Care Visit

Administering Medications

Many pets require prescribed medications in order to prevent, control or improve their health condition.

Our sitters are available to make sure your cat gets their prescribed dose of medicine on time and with as little trauma to your kitty as possible.

Additional Services provided:

We are also familiar with many types of alarm/security systems.

Benefits of Cat Visit Playtime

Cats are designed to do 4 things, hunt, kill, eat, and sleep. Since we domesticated these little creatures they no longer need to hunt for their food. However they still enjoy the process.

Our sitters playing and hunting with your cat does the following: